Best Star Wars Fan Creations of 2018


This year’s Star Wars Fan Awards contestants are in! And throughout this and the upcoming week, you can be the jury.

To be precise: you can be the jury in the Audience Choice award. The official website has the list of entries: videos, divided into categories (long and short), as well as visual art categories (pictures and photography). You can read more about what Star Wars Fan Awards are in an older article here.

This year’s submitted videos range from traditional stories where fans run around in costumes whacking each other with lightsabers, through stop-motion animation of figurines, to some less serious and rather comical sketches. What surprised me is both the relatively low percentage of videos where the main point is a live-action lightsaber duel and the high frequency of videos that include animated figures in general and Lego figures in particular. It feels very refreshing, to be sure.

Thematically, all imaginable periods of time are represented: there are fan-films showing the trials of young Ben Solo, unseen scenes from Luke Skywalker’s life, as well as the factory creation of R2-D2 and his first arrival to Naboo. Considerable amount of videos focus on original fan-made characters as well.

The visual art category is the part that hasn’t managed to convince me. I certainly don’t to belittle the visual artists and their contributions: all the art is of high quality, and some of the pictures I would label as very impressive. But if you go to a platform such as tumblr and search “star wars fanart”, you are going to get thousands of amazing results from authors that would deserve to be recognised equally much. Like I have said before, I would very much rather welcome a “sound and music” category, as it would provide space to otherwise invisible creators.

You can visit the website and vote once per day, every day, until 13th November, when the winners in the four categories will be decided. Aside from the Audience Choice award, we will also learn the vote of the Lucasfilm jury. The final awards will be announced on a special episode of The Star Wars Show sometime in December.

Rostislav Kurka
Rostislav is a Protestant theologian and a self-trained Sith, counting Jan Hus, Dorothee Sölle, Darth Revan and Darth Traya among his main influences. He hails from the hundred-towered city of Prague, where he had spent a large part of his life creating worlds and inspiring young generations to roleplay. His involvement in organising children's camps led him to accidentally writing a Lord of the Rings musical, which made him temporarily famous, and a Three Musketeer-Jedi fanfilm, which didn't. He has recently moved to the frozen waste of Finland, because that's it, the Rebels are there.