BBC reveals their adorable new Clangers


I’m sure this was my earliest experience of Science Fiction as a child.

The iconic and much-loved British cult classic animated television show, Clangers, is set to make a welcome return to its home on the BBC after 45 years.

Clangers, which previously launched on the BBC in 1969, are pink, long-nosed, inventive and loveable mouse-shaped creatures who live on a small blue planet, out in the starry stretches of space, not far from Earth. Its surface is peppered with holes topped with metal dustbin lids, which flip open with a ‘Clang!’ to reveal steps down to their home beneath the surface of the planet – containing a series of interconnecting tunnels and caves. Kind and generous creatures, they communicate with distinctive whistles, and a narrator comments on the thrilling and often hilarious events which occur in every episode.

The Clangers are a family. The cast of characters consists of Major, Mother, Small (a boy), Tiny (a girl) and Granny. Other favourites returning to the new series are The Soup Dragon, who provides green soup from the soup wells; The Iron Chicken, whose favourite food is nuts and bolts; the Glow Buzzers, who create a magical light inside the caves, and the mischievous Froglets. These and many other peculiar creatures, make a simple, sometimes surreal, but always harmonious world of fun, imagination, exploration and invention, which pre-schoolers and parents alike will enjoy over and over again. The recurring themes within the Clangers include: the importance of community, caring for the planet and encouraging and nurturing a sense of wonder and natural curiosity.

Happy memories for those who saw them the first time round.

Jay Johnstone
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